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Rally obedience can be described as obedience exercises performed in an agility format, or "48 FUN! ways to find heel position," with the emphasis on FUN! Rally is a terrific sport to use to build a working relationship between dog and handler that will serve as a foundation for other human-dog team sports.

A Rally ring contains a course of stations that handler and dog must complete, performing the correct exercise at each station, without direction from the judge. In the Rally ring, the handler can talk to the dog during the course and give verbal and hand cues for the same exercise.

Rally-style obedience was conceived and developed as a dog sport in the 1990s. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers began awarding titles in RallyO in 2001. The American Kennel Club allowed Rally as an exhibition sport at obedience trials for several years, then began awarding titles in 2005.

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