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Click here to download for a printable PDF showing full schedule of current session.

Except for Puppy Playtime & Small Dog Social, online registration for Session 4 classes closed on May 28th.
To register for any remaining spaces for Session 4, call the office at (707) 253-8666 OR you can register for upcoming Session 5 classes. Session 5 classes start the week of July 29th.

Our online payment system supports Paypal and credit cards through Paypal.
Click on Paypal at checkout. Both credit card and Paypal options will come up when making payment.

If you are signing up for a Puppy, Adolescent Dog or a Good Manners 1 class, DO NOT bring your dog to first class as this is an orientation class.

You can enter your shot records during registration however for verification, BRING your dog's shot records to the first class your dog is enrolled.

NOTE: Only one discount per regular class is allowed. Discounts are not allowed on specialty classes, which includes all freestyle classes with Dogs Can Dance/Judy Gamet.

If you are a junior handler (10 to 17), you are eligible for a discount. Use promo code UNDER18 at checkout.

If you are s senior (60 & over), you are eligible for a discount. Use promo code OVER59 at checkout.

If your dog is a rescue, you are eligible for a one time rescue discount. Use promo code 1XRESCUE at checkout.

Discounts are also given for multiple dogs/classes. Use promo code TWO4ME for second dog/second class at checkout. Use promo code THREE4ME for third dog/third class at checkout.

If you are using NVDTC vouchers*, class credits, or gift certificates toward a class, select "Pay By Mail" at checkout and print out your invoice. Please mail invoice to address as shown on the invoice along with a check to "NVDTC" for the amount due MINUS your deducted vouchers, class credits and/or gift certificate amounts. INCLUDE all applicable vouchers, class credits and/or gift certificates with your check.

Please read our Fees, Discounts, Vouchers, & Allowances 2-page PDF for more information.

*You can earn vouchers by becoming a NVDTC member!

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